Available Sunday-Friday Only
Choice of 8 Hors d' Oeuvres

$27.95 per guest

Cheese & Spinach Filo Triangles
Miniature Egg Rolls

Meatballs in Bordelaise Sauce
Stuffed Mushrooms w/ Crabmeat
Italian Bruschetta w/ Basil
Miniature Quiche
Assorted Canapes

Domestic & Imported Cheese Display
Miniature Finger Sandwiches
Vegetable & Cheese Quesadillas

Prosciutto with Melon

Salami Canapés
Beef Brochettes
Chicken Brochettes
Miniature Pizza Bagels
Chicken Wings
Artichoke Florets

Assortment of Cookies & Brownies
Coffee & Tea Samovar
Color Linen Selection
Decor, Flowers & Candelabras